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WhatsApp Marketing Software

WhatsApp Marketing Software

WhatsApp Marketing Software allows you to promote your business or brand through WhatsApp Messages. This channel helps you to reach an enormous audience, build strong relationships with customers, and increase sales quickly.
This is offline software, installs in your Windows 10 PC/Laptop, and you can use your Own Number for sending the WhatsApp messages. There is No Limit in software for messages sending, its truly unlimited, and 100% safe.
Great Business Features

✔️ Allows Unlimited Messages
✔️ Multimedia Support
✔️ Image with Caption
✔️ Multiple Account Supported
✔️ Numbers Filter
✔️ Groups Contacts Extractor
✔️ Advance Sending Settings
✔️ Supports Multi-Language
✔️ Customized Auto Reply
✔️ Message Scheduling
✔️ Import Contacts from WhatsApp
✔️ Support auto-reply Buttons
✔️ WhatsApp Service Catalogue attach.

WhatsApp Cloud Sender

WhatsApp Cloud Sender

WhatsApp Cloud is browser-based Bulk WhatsApp sending tool, which allows users to send marketing campaigns from any browser. With this solution, users don't need to install any software in their computer or laptop. Since this solution works in browser, you don't have any operating system dependency, this way it's best option for Mac or android users too.
With WhatsApp Cloud Sender, you can schedule your campaigns for any time and campaign will be send automatically. You may shut down your local PC after scheduling and campaigns will be sent on scheduled time as cloud server is always in running for you.
All WA Software Features +
✔️ No OS restriction
✔️ Works in Browser
✔️ Multimedia Support
✔️ Easy Message Scheduling
✔️ Support auto-reply Buttons
and 20+ other features.

WhatsApp Virtual Marketing Panel

Promote your Business Digitally via WhatsApp
🎯 Bulk WhatsApp Promotional Virtual Panel. (100% Delivery Base, per message charges)

1. Designed for Promotional Activities. Credit based charges 1 Credit = 1 Message.
2. 1500 Character Text + 4 Images +1 video +1 pdf can be attached with any Message, per message credit.
3. Messages will be sent using random non-working virtual numbers, delivered within 3 hours.
4. Messages can be sent only from Mon - Sat 10AM to 5 pm.
5. Sundays messages will not be sent to avoid Spamming.
6. Non delivery WhatsApp credits will be refunded automatically.
7. Analytical reports can be viewed in the panel.
8. User Panel will be provided once payment done.
We have Offers Available, contact our team for best offers 😊👍

How to get Verified Badge on WhatsApp Business Account?

To Get verified WhatsApp Business Account, contact us today.

Data Extractor Softwares

Don’t have ready customer’s data? Now problem solved with our various data extractor software’s.

You can extract unlimited data as per your choices (from various locations, cities, and countries) and utilize that for your marketing campaigns. From these software’s you get all important details of your prospects, such as, Name, Contact Numbers, Email IDs, Location, Company Names. Geolocation, their ratings on platforms and many more.

So why waiting? Buy one which suits your requirements and start your business promotion immediately.

The benefits of data extraction tools include:
  • Quick Beginning.
  • Large Scalability.
  • High Efficiency.
  • Better Control.
  • Finest Accuracy.
  • Immediate Usability.